What is NotaryLive?


By NotaryLive Staff

Published on 04/12/2022


  • NotaryLive provides easy, convenient 24/7 remote online notarization services
  • The platform offers customized solutions for businesses needing frequent notarizations
  • Notaries can join NotaryLive's network to perform online notarizations and earn extra income


What is NotaryLive? NotaryLive is the remote online notarization (RON) platform that makes notarizing documents easy for notaries, businesses, or anyone who needs their document notarized! Gone are the days of trying to get in contact with an in-person notary and wasting time traveling to a notary in your area or organizing a meeting. Those days, like the days of the carrier pigeon, are over — thanks to the development of remote online notarization. And NotaryLive is the very best online notarization platform out there.

What Is Remote Online Notarization?

Online notarization is the modern way to get your document notarized. Unlike traditional notarization, which is performed in person, online notarization is conducted online. This means that rather than having to meet a Notary in person at the same physical location, the notarization business can be transacted from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

Online notarization is also sometimes referred to as – remote notarization, webcam notarization, virtual notarization, or remote online notarization (RON). With online notarization, the signer and Notary use audio/visual technology to meet remotely to complete the remote notarization transaction over the Internet rather than being physically in the same room.

You can click here for an article that explains some of the finer details.

How Do I Use NotaryLive?

It’s super easy! To get started notarizing a document through NotaryLive, all you need is the document you are looking to get notarized, a device with camera/microphone capabilities that is connected to the internet, and either a valid driver's license or passport. Once your identity is confirmed using state-of-the-art ID verification technology, you will be connected with one of our live notaries via webcam.

All you have to do to notarize a document through RON is...

  1. Upload Your Document
  2. Verify Your Identity
  3. Connect with Your Live Online Notary
  4. Download/Print Your Document
How NotaryLive Works

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Why Should I Use NotaryLive?

NotaryLive is... 

  • Easy with a simple and straightforward notarization process that is available on demand. It takes an average of around 10 minutes to notarize a document through NotaryLive.
  • Convenient thanks to our 24/7 on-demand availability. We're always ready for you. Stay in your pajamas and don't get up from the couch. Just relax and let us make your life easier.
  • Secure due to our state-of-the-art verification process. In fact, it is actually more secure than notarizing in person.

For more information about the benefits of Remote Online Notarization, read Benefits Of Notarizing Online.

Is NotaryLive A Good Fit For Businesses? And What Industries Benefit The Most From RON?

NotaryLive is a game-changer for many businesses thanks to the amount of time they save. The flexibility, convenience, and speed of our platform allows businesses that need notarizations to get back to their day-to-day operations while many businesses that perform notarizations benefit from using our platform as a tool to access more customers.

Some of the businesses that have benefited the most from online notarization already are:

We also offer customized business solutions!

On top of the normal benefits of our platform, NotaryLive for Business allows commercial account holders to make frequent use as easy as possible with options such as:

  • Creating Sessions for their Clients
  • Adding Multiple Users
  • Viewing Clients’ Notarized Documents
  • Single-Use or Monthly Billing (Great for high volume!)
  • Volume Pricing Options
  • Optional API and White Label Integration
  • Plus all standard account features 

How Much Does It Cost To Notarize A Document Through NotaryLive?

We offer flexible payment options to fit the needs of each and every one of our customers. If you just need a few documents notarized here and there, you can use our “Basic Free Account” option to notarize documents at just $25/session. There is also a “Single Use” option with no account creation necessary at the same price per session.

Businesses and professionals that may require notarizations more often will have the option to save and access our NotaryLive For Business tools using a Business or Business Premiere account. 

Click here for full pricing and features details.

This Online Notary Thing Sounds Like A Great Opportunity To Earn Extra Income. How do I Become An Online Notary?

We know! And we’re happy to help get you started. The first step is to become a notary public, a process that differs from state to state. For some general guidelines on that, you can check out this article from the National Notary Association. But if you are already a registered notary public, the first step is to make sure your state allows remote online notaries to be performed there. Right now there are just a few states who do not yet allow RON but the vast majority have permitted it permanently.

For more detailed information, read: How To Become A Remote Online Notary.

If you know you are qualified to notarize online, it’s super easy to get started with a custom profile by visiting our Notary Center at: https://notarylive.com/become-online-notary. 

Looking to learn more about performing remote online notarization through NotaryLive? Check out these helpful tips & resources:

Do You Still Have Questions? We Have Answers!

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us here or check out our FAQ page. To read up on some of the finer details of NotaryLive and stay up to date on the latest notary news, check out our blog page.

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