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NotaryLive has changed the way documents are notarized, and our customers are forever grateful.

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Whether you just need to get one document notarized in a timely manner, or your business notarizes thousands of documents a month for your clients, NotaryLive is here for all of your online notarization needs. See what our customers are saying about us!

"No longer have to find a notary near me, there is always a notary available to get my power of attorney notarized online with NotaryLive."

Matt M.

"I didn't even know online notary services were a thing before this... I couldn't believe how easy notarizing online was."

Jillian T.

"I needed a document notarized somewhat urgently. I'd waited 36 hours to hear back from a local lawyer, but with no luck. I found NotaryLive and had my document notarized 20 minutes later. The ID verification process was secure and efficient. Such a relief."


"I needed a legal document notarized asap. On top of that I didn't even have a way to print it out. I had no idea that there even was such a thing as online notary but I figured I'd Google it because of COVID-19. Sure enough there was plenty of options. I chose NotaryLive randomly and was completely blown away with how fast easy and affordable it was! I would definitely recommend these guys for any notary needs!"

Holly B.

"Since Covid hit, I didn't know where to find a notary near me. NotaryLive was so convenient"

Carlos R.

"So much cheaper and easier than having to get or wait around for a mobile notary to come notarize my affidavit."

Diane S.

"Definitely the best online notary platform I've experienced."

Rian R.

"I needed a document notarized quickly and this service made it fast and easy. I will definitely be using this service again for future documents."


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