Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online notary?

An online notary is a notary public that has been commissioned to perform notarial acts online.

What is remote online notarization?

A remote online notarization is a notarial act between participants and a notary public performed entirely over the internet through a live audio/video stream. The document is signed and notarized electronically with a licensed online notary public.

What is the difference between a mobile notary and a remote notary?

While mobile notaries travel to perform in-person notarizations, remote notaries connect with customers using a secure two-way audio/video call.

What are the system requirements for online notarization?

To use NotaryLive, all you'll need is a device, like a tablet, phone, or computer, with internet access, a microphone, and a camera.

What is NotaryLive?

NotaryLive is an innovative online platform that customers can use to notarize their documents remotely.

Is online notarization secure?

Online notarizations have strict requirements in order to be compliant with state law, therefore we utilize tools that securely verify and protect your identity. The signers are required to verify the identification used through digital technology and again with the notary and answer knowledge based assessment questions, as required by law. The notary's are required to maintain commissions with their state and any additional requirement that allow for online notarizations, such as a digital certificate. The sessions are stored for a period of 5 years on our server, and the notary's are required to maintain a backup version themselves.

How much does it cost to notarize online?

The fee to notarize online is $25 and $5 for each additional signer (excluding the notary.) For bulk or volume pricing options, Contact Sales.

What documents can we notarize?

If you’re interested in notarizing a specific document and want to make sure we can notarize it, feel free to reach out to our chat support. They’re always available and happy to help! We also have this list of the most commonly notarized documents

How long does it take to get my document notarized online?

From start to finish, the average time takes less than 10 minutes.

How long does it take to receive my document after it’s notarized?

Your document is available for download immediately after the session is completed and is also emailed to you.

What kind of identification do you accept?

We accept driver's licenses, State ID cards and US/ foreign passports. The images need to be uploaded as JPEG or JPG files. If you are not a US citizen, or have little information with public records, we may not be able to verify your identity (However, you can use a verifier that has proper ID and adequate information registered with public records. The verifier must be physically present with you at the time of the notarization.)

How do I resume the notarization process if I was unable to complete it?

If you created an account at signup, you will be able to go to your dashboard and continue on or dismiss the session if you wish to start over. If you signed in as a guest you will have to start the process over. We encourage you to create an account if you think you will use us again in the future (trust us, you'll want to.)

How do I connect with a notary public?

You can connect with a live notary public by Clicking Here.

Where can I find a notary near me?

You can often find notaries at the bank, post office, public library, etc. However, in the time it would take you to travel to and from one of those places, you could already have your document notarized online with an online notary through

What is your refund policy?

If you were unable to notarize your document after adding payment information, your card will never be charged (the authorization transaction will drop off your statement within a few days). If your document is notarized, but not accepted by the receiving party, our support team is happy to help assist you further.

Can a document be edited once it has been notarized?

No element of a document can be edited after it has been notarized. Please make sure to review the document thoroughly prior to granting approval to the notary to notarize during the signing process.