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In the realm of real estate transactions, numerous financial documents necessitate notarization, such as those involved in mortgage closings, property deeds, credit paperwork, and more. Leverage NotaryLive for online notarization to expedite workflows and eliminate paper-based products.

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Facilitate real estate transactions, offering efficient remote online notarization services for all property and closing-related documents.

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Connect your website and NotaryLive to maintain accuracy and efficiency for lenders, title companies, and borrowers alike.

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Generate additional income by resourcing clients to remote online notarization, thus reducing costs associated with in-person processes.

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Real Estate Documents to Notarize

Bargain and Sale Deed

When buying or selling property, the deed used to transfer ownership is a critical legal document. One type of deed is a Bargain and Sale Deed. Here's an overview of what they are, when they're used, and...

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Affidavits are a staple in both legal and personal documentation, serving as sworn statements of fact-- they play a pivotal role in proceedings. Let's dive into what they are and how to notarize...

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