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Insurance Companies often require notarization on many documents including affidavits, lien releases, jurats, and more. Leverage NotaryLive for online notarization to expedite workflows and eliminate paper-based processes.

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Connect your existing systems with our online notary platform, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual steps in the notarization process.

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Insurance Documents to Notarize


What is an affidavit? An affidavit is defined as a sworn written testimony or statement that attests to the accuracy and truthfulness of a specific fact. Most commonly used in a court of law, an affidavit is a legal commitment to tell the truth under oath. This can be tried for perjury in court, just as if you were testifying in...

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Authorization Form

Do you require a notarized authorization but are unsure where to begin? But- what exactly is an authorization form? A legal document known as an authorization form is employed to give consent for a particular action to be conducted on behalf of another individual. Authorization forms are...

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