How To Successfully Notarize an Authorization Form Online


By Tiffany V.

Published on 12/19/2022


  • An authorization form grants consent for specific actions on behalf of another person and often requires notarization
  • NotaryLive offers a convenient online notarization service, eliminating the need for in-person visits
  • Experience the ease and efficiency of notarizing documents online with NotaryLive's virtual notary service


Do you require a notarized authorization but are unsure where to begin? 

But– what exactly is an authorization form? 



1. What is a letter of authorization form?

A legal document known as an authorization form is employed to give consent for a particular action to be conducted on behalf of another individual.


What are different types of authorization forms? 

  • Credit Card Authorization Forms 
  • Payroll Authorization Forms 
  • Business Authorization Forms 
  • Guardianship Authorization Forms 


2. What to use an authorization form for?

Authorization forms are frequently used in a variety of circumstances, such as when someone wants to give another person the power to act in their place in a financial or legal matter.



3. Does a letter of authorization need to be notarized?


No, an authorization form does not need to be notarized. 


While not all authorization forms require notarization, some may require it for legal validity and an extra layer of security. 

For example, real estate transactions, financial agreements, affidavits, etc may require the authorization forms to be notarized. 


3. Notarize Your Authorization Form Online

Instead of visiting a notary public near you or using mobile notaries (hefty fees), you can do an online notarization with an online notary

One of the best ways to notarize your form is by using online notary services available like NotaryLive! NotaryLive is a secure and convenient platform that allows you to have a remote online notary present themselves to you virtually wherever you are. 

How NotaryLive works in 4 steps: 


How NotaryLive Works 

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FAQ For Authorization Forms

  • What is the HIPAA authorization form?
    • One example of an authorization form is called the HIPPA authorization form which clients sign for their medical provider. This is signed before they use or disclose any private information for treatment, payment, etc. 
  • What is a notarized authorization letter? 
    • A notarized letter of authorization is a official document that validates your statements. If any legal disputes occur, this document serves as admisslible evidence in court proceedings. 
  • Does a HIPAA form have to be notarized? 
    • No, a HIPPA form does not have to be notarized. 




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