What is a Remote Online Notary?


By Matthew M.

Published on 01/28/2021


  • Remote online notaries perform notarizations over video call instead of in person
  • 27 states currently authorize the practice of remote notarization
  • Platforms like NotaryLive make the process easy in just 4 steps - upload, verify ID, connect, and download

A Remote Online Notary is a live notary who performs a notarial act online. Unlike traditional and electronic notaries, the participants are not physically present in the same location, and the entire process is done through an audio/video feed using a computer or mobile device. Online notaries have grown in popularity recently, especially with the travel restrictions related to COVID-19, with 27 states authorizing the practice of remote notarizations. 

Learn how to become a Remote Online Notary

This process is also often referred to as RON (Remote Online Notarization). The online notarization process may seem daunting if it’s something you’ve never tried before, but you’ll be surprised just how easy it is with NotaryLive. In just 4 easy steps you’ll have your document notarized within minutes from the comfort of your home or office. 

  1. Upload Your Document
  2. Verify Your Identity
  3. Connect With Your Live Online Notary
  4. Download/Print Your Notarized Documents
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