Notary Levels

NotaryLive is the first online notarization site to offer multiple profile levels for RONs. All notaries begin at the Bronze level, but can be invited to upgrade to Silver, Gold, or even Platinum! Learn the benefits of each level below.





RON software to notarize for your own customers
Personal Dashboard and Public Profile
Online Storage of Session Records
Unique Friends & Family Discount Code Available*
NotaryLive Slack Channel Member
Get paid notarizing individual sessions from our general customer pool
Get paid for the amount of time you spend with and waiting for customers
Full-time RON employment position
Invite Only**

How do I get invited to become a Silver, Gold or Platinum Notary?

The best way to get upgraded is to raise your notary score! You can Click Here to learn more about what you can do to rank higher and better your chances of a profile upgrade.

*Signers using this code will not be required to prove their identity during the order form, and will be given a $2 discount.

**Notaries are upgraded generally or specifically to meet demand and selected based on several factors (e.g. rank, fluent language(s), experience, certifications, etc.). When position(s) open, we will contact eligible candidates.