Notary Score and Rank

Your score determines your rank, and both are important for various different reasons. High-ranking notaries get to experience a number of benefits, such as being able to choose reserved hours first or receiving monthly rewards.

Your notary score is calculated by a number of factors:

● Valid and up-to-date credentials

● Visitors to your Notary Profile page

● Customer Reviews

● The number of languages you speak fluently

● How many sessions you’ve done in total

● How many sessions you’ve done recently

● ...and more!

How to raise your score:

● Get good reviews from customers

● Don’t miss sessions

● Add extra certifications/ commissions (if possible)

● Be flexible with your schedule

Benefits of a higher score and notary rank:

● Higher ranking notaries are given priority in the schedule

● Higher pay per notarization

● Qualify for rewards

● Qualify for Platinum Notary level, when available

● We are always adding new features and new benefits!