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Have your document signed and notarized in less than 10 minutes! We make it easy to connect with a remote online notary, instantly. Our live notaries are available 24/7 and are ready to assist you with all your remote online notarization needs. The process to notarize online has never been simpler.

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Unlike mobile or remote notaries, there’s no scheduling appointments, no traveling, and no waiting. No more searching for a “Notary Near Me” or spending extra to schedule an appointment with a remote notary.


Did you know that notarizing online is actually more secure than going to a traditional notary public? We embed a number of security features into the document to protect the validity of your signature. Electronic records ensure you have easy access whenever needed.


We have custom solutions for everyone - whether an individual or an enterprise. Whatever your notary needs are we can meet them quickly and efficiently.

Remote Online Notarization

NotaryLive Account Options

Whether you're looking to notarize one document or many, our online notary service can help make it quick and easy! We offer different account types to best fit your notarization needs.

NotaryLive For organizations or businesses with notarization needs

NotaryLive For Business

For organizations or businesses with notarization needs

Business Features:

All Standard features, plus...

Create Sessions for Your Clients

Add Multiple Users

View Clients’ Notarized Documents

Single Use or Monthly Billing
(Great for high volume!)

Bulk Pricing Options Available

API and whitelabel integration available

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NotaryLive for individuals with basic needs, looking to notarize documents for themselves

NotaryLive For Me

For individuals with basic needs, looking to notarize documents for themselves

Standard Features:

$25 per session*

Fast Turnaround

No Appointment Necessary

Personal Dashboard

Free Online Document Storage

Improved Security Over In-person Notary

Knowledgeable Customer Support to Walk You Through The Process

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