Remote Online Notary VS. Mobile Notary Services


By NotaryLive Staff

Published on 12/28/2021


  • Remote online notarization costs less since it avoids travel fees
  • Faster notarization available 24/7 without needing appointments
  • More secure with less physical document handling and ID verification




Have you had trouble finding a notary or paying the fees for in-person notarization services?

Before you go searching “mobile notary near me” as a solution, there is a better alternative that offers more convenience, security and affordability → Remote Online Notarization.


1. What Is A Mobile Notary? 

A mobile notary is a professional who provides notary services outside of a traditional office setting.

Unlike stationary notaries who operate from fixed locations, mobile notaries travel to meet clients at their preferred locations, such as homes, offices, hospitals, or other convenient spots.

What do mobile notaries charge typically? 

A mobile notary can charge up to $50 for a basic notarization. They can also charge an additional fee for traveling, after-hours or emergency for $50 - $100 more, $75-$200 for loan signings, and $50 - $100 for hospital or nursing home visits.

Mobile notaries charge fees which are vary based on several factors. Here are some to consider: 

  • State regulations 
  • Travel Distance (some charge additional fees for travel)
  • Urgency (how urgent do you need the notarization)
  • Document Type 
  • Additional Services (printing, providing witnesses, handling loan signings) 
  • Hourly Rates 
  • Setting their own fees 


Instead of not knowing a fixed fee on what a mobile notary will charge you, move to remote online notarization. NotaryLive will only charge you $25 for a basic notarization along with significant benefits and features. 


2. What Is Remote Online Notarization?

A remote online notarization (RON) is a way to get a document notarized entirely online. 

You can easily notarize a document from the comfort of your own home or office without the need to travel or schedule an appointment. 

This means you can notarize a document from the comfort of your own home or office, without the need to travel or schedule an appointment. 

All you need is a computer or smartphone with a webcam and an internet connection.


3. How does RON work with NotaryLive?

The process is simple. 

  1. First, you upload the document that needs to be notarized to a secure platform, such as NotaryLive.
  2.  Then, you will connect with a licensed notary via audio video technology. 
  3. The notary will review the document and verify your identity through government-issued identification.
  4. Once the remote notary is satisfied that everything is in order, they will notarize the document electronically and send it back to you. 

The entire process can be completed within minutes, making it a fast and convenient option for busy individuals.


4. Why Choose Remote Online Notarizations Over Mobile Notary Services?

There are several reasons to choose remote online notarizations over mobile notary services:

  1. Cost: Mobile notary services often charge higher fees than online options, due to the added cost of travel. With a remote online notarization, you can save money by avoiding these fees.
  2. Time: Mobile notaries typically require you to schedule an appointment and may have limited availability. With a remote online notarization, you can get your document notarized at any time, day or night.
  3. Security: Remote online notarizations are more secure than in-person notarizations because they involve less handling of physical documents and use secure video conference technology to verify identities.

Overall, remote online notarizations offer a more convenient, affordable, and secure solution for all of your notarization needs. 

To get started, simply visit and upload your document. 

Within minutes, you can have your document legally notarized and on its way.


5. Notarize Online With NotaryLive

In the past, getting your document notarized required a face-to-face meeting with a notary public.

You no longer need to leave the comfort of your own home and instead rely on an efficient notarization with an online notary.

How NotaryLive works in 4 easy steps:


How NotaryLive Works

To get started, you can click the button below, 

Notarize Now!

So why waste time and hassle by visiting a notary in person?

Experience the convenience and ease of online notarization with NotaryLive. 




FAQ For Notarizing Through Our Remote Online Notary Service 

  • Is is necessary to be a US citizen to utilize our service? 
    • No. To complete the verification process, you need to either be a US citizen or have a US-based public profile. However, if you do not meet these requirements, you can have a witness verify your identity.
  • What are the system requirements for remote online notarization? 
    • To use NotaryLive, all you'll need is a device such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer with internet access, a microphone, sound capabilities, and a camera.
  • How much does the remote online notarial session cost with NotaryLive? 
    • Sessions start at $25 but are discounted based on your account type and monthly volume. For more pricing information, visit our Pricing Page.




Does NotaryLive sound like the right fit for you and your business? 

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**Legal Disclaimer - We are not lawyers or attorneys and do not give any legal advice. Please check with your attorneys, advisors, or document recipients if you have any unanswered questions about your documents.




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