Why is NotaryLive the Best Online Notary Service for Notaries?


By NotaryLive Staff

Published on 09/21/2021

As more states continue to adopt remote online notarization laws, more notaries get to enjoy the benefits of notarizing online. As notaries weigh their options, many are wondering “Which online notary service is the best for me?” For officially registered notaries and those who are looking to become registered, we’re working hard to make that choice as easy as possible. 

Here’s why we believe NotaryLive is the best platform for notaries: 

Ease of Use

In the process of streamlining our notarization process as much a possible for customers, we’ve made the use of NotaryLive much more convenient for the notaries themselves. While online notary services provide much more flexibility for notaries than in-person notarization in general, NotaryLive has perfected its model to make the notarization process even easier. All clients have to do is upload the document, verify their identity, connect with a notary via webcam, and download their notarized document. 

On average, notarizing documents online through NotaryLive takes about 10 minutes.

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Easy Start-Up & Support

Along with creating an easy and convenient notarization process for our notary partners, we’ve made it very easy for traditional notaries, prospective notaries, and notary businesses to get started with us. 

While the process may vary slightly from state to state, all you have to do to start notarizing documents if you are already a notary public is:

  1. Fill out our simple registration form
  2. Add your credentials to your profile
  3. Complete our super helpful tutorial
  4. Notarize your clients
  5. Get paid!

Don’t worry, if you are not currently a Notary Public, but see the great opportunity that becoming a remote online notary offers, you can learn how to apply to become a traditional notary here. For general info about becoming a notary with us, visit our Notary Center page or check out this blog article.

Already Have a Notary Business? Use NotaryLive to Notarize for Your Own Clients!

NotaryLive is the world’s first Remote Online Notarization platform where notaries can service their own clients online. If you’re looking to take your existing notary business to the next level, you can take advantage of our free RON software to notarize your clients online and get paid for every completed session!

If you use NotaryLive to service your current clients, you can also access our client pool to take on more notarizations to get the most out of your downtime.

We can accommodate businesses that have teams on notaries already as well as businesses that need a dedicated notary staff. Contact us today if you have any questions or if either of those options sounds like the right fit for your business.

Security & Peace of Mind

Even the very best of notaries can make mistakes when notarizing in person. However, with remote online notarization, it’s easier to stay mistake-free thanks to the improved security that comes with online notarization. Unlike traditional notaries, remote online notaries provide their notarial services online through an audio/video feed using a computer or mobile device - which means that these sessions are recorded in the case of a dispute where the transaction must be verified. On top of those benefits, NotaryLive uses additional security measures to verify each signer's identity beyond the steps that most in-person notaries would normally take. This provides peace of mind for both the notarization client and the notary.

NotaryLive is also Certified MISMO Compliant which demonstrates MISMO’s confidence in our process. For more information on our MISMO certification, check out this blog.

If you would like to become a Remote Online Notary with NotaryLive, visit our Notary Center to create an account or learn more. For additional questions, feel free to contact our sales team.

Updated Date: 09/26/2022




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