How To Notarize Documents Online In Colorado


By NotaryLive Staff

Published on 12/09/2022


  • Quick and easy online notarization in Colorado with NotaryLive
  • The convenience of notarizing documents from home or office
  • Benefits of using NotaryLive for businesses and individuals


Thanks to NotaryLive, it's now quicker than ever to have a document notarized online in The Centennial State (AKA: Colorado)! 

Did you know that you can get documents legally notarized online within minutes using NotaryLive?

This blog will teach you how to easily get documents like passport consent travel forms, deeds of trust, quitclaim deeds, and many more documents notarized from the comfort of your home or office. 



1. How To Notarize Online in Colorado with NotaryLive


Gather everything you need

To begin notarizing a document online with NotaryLive, all you need is:

  • the document you are looking to get notarized
  • a device connected to the internet with camera/microphone capabilities
  • and either a valid driver’s license or passport (to verify your identity)


Uploading Your Document

Firstly, you will begin by uploading your document. You can either do this from your desktop or by using the QR code we provide you during the session.


Verifying Your Identity 

After making sure you have everything you need, use your driver's license, passport and any other form of government ID to verify your identity. You will upload a picture of your ID front and back. Make sure to follow the correct requirements to do this.


Answer the KBA Questions

After uploading your ID, you will be brought to the KBA Questions. Which are questions you should get correct (especially if you are who you say you are). 

Questions can be from where you live, where you work, or car model. 


Connecting with the live notary

Once your identity is confirmed using industry standard ID verification technology, you will be connected with a notary, live via webcam.


Notary will verify your identity

After connecting, the licensed online notary will also be prompted to verify the identity of the signers before moving forward with the notarization process.

They do this by comparing your information/ID to the person they see before them on camera (you). 


Get your document notarized 

The notary will witness and affirm your signature, apply their own digital seal, then voilà, you are finished notarizing online!


Access your notarized document

After the session is completed, you can access the notarized document(s) through an email confirmation or your customer dashboard to download them with ease. 



2. Basic RON (Remote Online Notarization) Tools 

Amongst various platforms, you can find that most of them use the same generic tools to complete a notarization online. 

Here is the list: 

  • Digital Signatures: enables you to digitally sign documents online
  • Identity Verification:  secure methods that verify your identity
  • Audit Trails: record of all actions taken during notarization process
  • Secure Storage: to safely store notarized documents
  • Live Video: face-to-face sessions
  • Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA): questions based on personal information



3. Remote Online Notarization Laws in Colorado


When was RON permitted in Colorado?

On December 31st, 2021, Colorado permits the use of Remote Online Notarization per Senate Bill 20-096 Governor Jared Polis signed on June 26th.

This allows notaries to perform notarial acts fully remote for signers. 


Notarial Certificate Elements 

A notarized document must include the following elements: 

  • Venue: where the notarization occurred
  • Date: the date of the notarization
  • Name of Principle Signer: person who appears before notary
  • Notary's Official Signature
  • Official Notarial Seal 
  • Title of Office: the notary's official title


Documents requiring notarization in Colorado

  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • POAs
  • Willls & Trusts
  • Affidavits
  • Loan Documents
  • Business Contacts
  • Corporate Documents
  • DMV Forms
  • Voter Registration Forms
  • Name Change Petitions
  • Adoption Papers
  • School Forms

. . . And many more documents and official statements! 


Recognition of Out-of-State RON 

Under state rules, Colorado recognizes and approves of remote online notarization performed by out-of-state notaries

This is supported through the Senate Bill 19-084 which enacts 2018 amendments to the “Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts". 



4. Start Notarizing Online with NotaryLive

When you can notarize a document online with NotaryLive in a matter of minutes, there's no need to make the effort to travel, take time off work, or waste your day going to the nearest local notary. 

Check out our blog for more information on which states notaries can become an online notary. 


Here's how NotaryLive works in 4 easy steps; 

How NotaryLive Works 

To get started, you can click the button below.

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For more features and benefits of NotaryLive . . . 

Visit our Colorado Remote Online Notary page. 


FAQ For RON in Colorado 

  • How much does it cost to notarize a document in Colorado? 
    • Using NotaryLive it only costs $25 for one session.
  • Is it necessary to be a US citizen to utilize our service? 
    • No. To complete the verification process, you need to either be a US citizen or have a US-based public profile. However, if you do not meet these requirements, you can have a witness verify your identity.
  • What are the system requirements for remote online notarization? 
    • To use NotaryLive, all you'll need is a device such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer with internet access, a microphone, sound capabilities, and a camera.
  • How much does the remote online notarial session cost with NotaryLive? 
    • Sessions start at $25 but are discounted based on your account type and monthly volume. For more pricing information, visit our Pricing Page.
  • What are the POA witness requirements for Colorado?



Is Your Business Looking to Upgrade its Notarization Process? 

On top of the normal benefits of our platform, NotaryLive for Business allows business account holders to make frequent use as easy as possible with options such as:

  • Creating sessions for their Clients
  • Adding Multiple Users
  • Viewing Clients’ Notarized Documents
  • Single-Use or Monthly Billing (Great for high volume!)
  • Volume Pricing Options
  • Optional API and White Label Integration
  • Plus all standard account features



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