RON by Ron: Volume 1 Verifying Tips


By Tiffany V.

Published on 09/29/2022


  • There are various steps when it comes to verifying your ID on NotaryLive



RON by Ron, Volume 1

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First things first, I’d like to start by defining the title, “RON by Ron”. As the reader, you might be wondering, “Those are the same word, aren’t they?”

Yes, I know. RON by Ron is Ron teaching RON by himself– who is Ron. 

. . . Huh? 

RON basically means Remote Online Notarization. Now you know the origin of Ron’s own name! 

Ron: I think it suits me really well, actually! 

It does, Ron! A wonderful name, indeed. Ron is our little NotaryLive buddy who helps out people with online notarization. He helps give a better understanding of what they are, and how they work, and basically rescues anyone who is having trouble! 

So, tell me– what are your tips and tutorials for today, Ron? Who did you aid this time?

Ron: I helped out someone who was struggling to get verified on our site. He was unsure of how to proceed, in order to get his documents notarized! I showed him how to upload his ID– and what the good vs the bad photographer is when it comes to taking a picture of your ID. 

How should one differentiate the “good” photography vs the “bad” photographer when taking photos of their own identification?


Ron: Well, it’s pretty simple. You just have to remember these few bullet points– and of course, have all the materials you need to get your documents verified! 

  • Make sure your photo has high resolution.
  • All 4 corners of your ID are in the image. 
  • No glare is visible on the ID. 
  • You have bright lighting. 
  • Your ID is on a dark background. 

. . .and as for the bad photographer. 

  • You have a bad resolution. 
  • You have bad lighting. 
  • There are glares visible on your ID. 
  • The corners of your ID are cut off. 
  • The pictures include objects that aren’t your ID. 
  • You have a light background that really doesn’t help the visibility of your ID. 

Huh. . . That doesn’t seem so bad! 

Ron: Yep. But, there are more steps after uploading your ID. They have to further verify themselves by answering 4 out of 5 questions right about THEMSELVES. These questions should relate to the user in some way. 

How would they relate to them in some way, Ron? 

Ron: Well, it can be as easy as your home address, or the name of your cat. 

Sounds pretty simple. . . 

Ron: It’s simple, as long as you are who you say you are! 

Okay, okay. Then what happens if all of these verification processes fail or are not processed correctly? What would they do then? 

Ron: Well, what’s better than having a friend at your side? If the user happens to not be able to verify themselves, they can have a verifier at their side. 

Sounds neat. What is a verifier? 

Ron: A verifier is basically someone they call upon that they trust. When connecting with a notary via, the verifier can vouch for them in front of the notary that they are the person they say they are. Then they’ll be good to go! 

Thank you so much, Ron, for diving deeper into how self-verification works! 

Ron: Of course. I’m always here to lend a helping hand. If the user has any questions regarding remote online notarization (or RON), they can visit here! 

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