The Most Commonly Notarized Closing Documents & How To Notarize Them Online


By NotaryLive Staff

Published on 09/02/2022

Whenever a closing takes place, notarization is a major part of the process. And when notarizing in person, this can cause some major delays. Luckily, remote online notarization (RON) with NotaryLive provides a faster, easier, and more secure alternative to help speed up your closing and improve the overall experience. Here are the most commonly notarized closing documents & how to notarize them online.

What Are The Most Commonly Notarized Closing Documents?

eSign Consent Form - This document does not necessarily need to be notarized in all cases, but it does need to be signed prior to the notarization process. It is simply a form that verifies that the parties involved consent to the online signing process.

Deed of Trust -This is a document where the borrower transfers the legal title for its property to a trustee who holds the property in trust as security for the payment of the debt to the lender.

Correction Agreement Limited Power of Attorney -This acknowledgment allows the lender to make adjustments or corrections due to errors like misspellings or typos. However, it’s important to note that this does not allow them to change the terms of the agreed-upon arrangements.

Compliance Agreement - This Acknowledgement serves to verify that a borrower agrees to “comply” with requests from the lender or closing agent to correct typographical or clerical errors and inadvertent mistakes in the loan documentation after the loan has closed. This accounts for errors like misspelled addresses, etc.

Occupancy and Borrower Affidavit - This affidavit serves as a promise that the borrower who is financing their home will use that home as their primary residence. Interest rates tend to differ when homes are set to serve as primary residences versus vacation homes, rentals, or investment properties.

Notice of Penalties -This document serves as an acknowledgment of the penalties that may come with a violation of closing or mortgage agreements.

Signature And Name Affidavit -The Signature and Name Affidavit is a document used to protect the lender and title company from possible fraud by confirming that the signatures and names used in a closing agreement are true, legal, and accurate.

Disclosure of Closing Conditions (DCC)- This form is used to provide the final details of a borrower’s selected mortgage or closing terms.

How Can I Notarize My Closing Documents Online?

To get started notarizing a document through NotaryLive, all you need is the document you are looking to get notarized, a device with camera/microphone capabilities that is connected to the internet, and either a valid driver's license or passport. Once your identity is confirmed using state-of-the-art ID verification technology, you will be connected with a notary, live via webcam.

After the session is completed, you can access the notarized document(s) through an email confirmation or your customer dashboard to download them with ease.


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How else can NotaryLive Improve My Real Estate Notarization Experience?

NotaryLive is a game-changer for real estate transactions due to the fast, convenient, and secure process of online notarization. Everyone involved in the real estate industry relies on notarization - from real estate agents to title companies, mortgage brokers, and everything in between. And now, thanks to NotaryLive and our 24/7 availability, there is no need to delay these processes for an in-person meeting to notarize documents. This can shave hours, days, and even weeks off of the amount of time it takes to buy and sell the property.

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.NotaryLive is also officially certified by the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO). This means that we have the endorsement of one of the most important authorities in the mortgage industry to handle the remote online notarization of mortgages. For more information about our MISMO certification, read this article


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