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By Tiffany V.

Published on 08/24/2022

Curious about NotaryLive’s reviews? Well, we got some good ones picked out for you. 

At NotaryLive, we value our customer's satisfaction with the online notary services we offer. Any positive feedback from when you’ve used our platform for online notarizations makes us very happy. 

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NotaryLive is a firm believer in giving clients the opportunity to thoroughly comprehend the remote online notarization process— since getting your documents notarized online can be intimidating at first.

NotaryLive Review


At NotaryLive, we strive to make the online notarization process simple, fast, and convenient. Stop spending time driving to your local notary– your document can be notarized in a matter of minutes online with the help of one of our professional, polite, caring, and fast notaries!


NotaryLive Review


When learning about the service of online notarization, some people become skeptical. We can assure you that everything is safe, legal and that you are cared for. Learn more about how safe online notarization is in comparison to in-person notarization here.


NotaryLive Review


We are delighted by any positive comments about a notary that works with us. We are pleased to observe the excellent service they are offering.


NotaryLive Review


Using our platform allows you to get your documents not only remotely notarized from the comfort of your home but abide by your schedule! Whether it be 10:00 PM, Midnight, or 3:00 AM, NotaryLive is running 24/7!


Curious About How The Online Notarization Process Works?

All you have to do to notarize a document through NotaryLive is. . . 

To get started, you can click the button below. 

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After all, the previously mentioned steps are completed, you can access the signed document(s) through email confirmation or your customer dashboard to download them with ease!

Want To Become an Online Notary With Us?

For general information on how to become an online notary with NotaryLive, check out this article

If you are already a certified Notary Public in North Carolina and you are interested in working with us, visit our Notary Center.

If you’re wondering why you should choose to notarize documents with us, read this blog to find out why NotaryLive is the best RON service for notaries!

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