Notarizing Car Titles Online: A Simple & Convenient Process


By Tiffany V.

Published on 12/13/2022


  • A certificate of title may require notarization when transferring vehicle ownership
  • NotaryLive provides fast, convenient online notarization services
  • Simply upload your document and connect to a remote online notary via webcam



Are you in need of getting your certificate of title for your vehicle notarized online with an online notary? 

For countless individuals selling or purchasing a vehicle, transferring vehicle ownership is an important step that often presents unexpected challenges. 

The notarization of the certificate of title, a procedure that usually causes delays due to its reliance on in-person visits – could cause this process to be frustrating. 

This article will help you navigate vehicle transactions with a more efficient method. 

We introduce the innovative solution of remote online notarization. Through platforms like NotaryLive, this method makes it possible to notarize certificates of titles remotely.

Read on to learn how this modern approach can expedite your vehicle transactions, saving time and avoiding complications. 


1. What Is A Certificate Of Title? 

A certificate of title acts as an official document establishing the legal owner of the vehicle. 

This document is essential for validating the ownership of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles. Issued y the government, the title contains important information including: 

  • the vehicle's make 
  • the vehicle's model
  • the vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 

The certificate of little also details the owner's name and any lienholders of the vehicle that's being financed. 

Transferring ownership of a vehicle without a proper Certificate of Title is impossible for most jurisdictions. This makes the document a crucial piece of any vehicle sale, purchase, or ownership transfer process. 

The title not only serves as proof of ownership but also protects buyers and sellers from fraud or legal complications. 

Once a vehicle is sold, the title must be updated to reflect the change in ownership. 


2. Consequences Of Not Filling Out Certificate of Title

Failing to properly fill out your Certificate of Title during a vehicle transaction can lead to several issues for both the buyer and the seller. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Legal Ownership Disputes: This could lead to disputes over who legally owns the vehicle, especially if the sale is contested or if the vehicle is involved in legal proceedings. 
  • Difficulty in Reselling: The next buyer could refuse to purchase the vehicle due to lack of a clear title – it may even decrease the vehicle's market value. 
  • Registration Problems: New owner may be unable to register the vehicle in their name, making it illegal to drive on public roads. 
  • Insurance Issues: Without proof of ownership, it can be difficult to obtain insurance. 
  • Loan Complications: Without a Certificate of Title, a loan would be hard to obtain as well. Lenders usually require a clear title to issue a loan against the vehicle. 
  • Potential for Fraud: It can become e
  • easier for frauds to claim ownership, alter the title, or sell the vehicle to multiple buyers. 
  • Legal & Financial Penalties: You can receive a fine and other consequences for not filling out the certificate. Especially if the vehicle is involved in an accident. 


3. Is Notarizing Your Certificate Of Title Required?

To transfer ownership of a vehicle, a certificate of title may occasionally need to be notarized. 

A document is notarized when it is signed and witnessed by a notary public, a person designated by the government to carry out this function. 

The act of notarization can serve as protection against any legal problems as well as the assurance of the document's integrity and authenticity.

Notarization may not be necessary for other circumstances, but it is still a good idea to have the certificate of title notarized to add to the evidence of its accuracy and to guard against future legal problems.


4. Notarizing Your Certificate of Title 

Do I need to notarize my Certificate of Title? 

To find out whether notarization of your certificate of title is necessary to transfer ownership of your vehicle, it is always a good idea to check with the appropriate government body or speak with an attorney.


Where can I notarize my Certificate of Title? 

Thankfully, when it comes to the notarization of your background check form, it's made easy with remote online notarization. You can get your documents notarized within minutes with NotaryLive by using an online notary.



5. Notarize Your Certificate of Title Online With NotaryLive

With NotaryLive, you can easily connect with a licensed notary from the comfort of your own home. 

From there, you can schedule a virtual appointment with an online notary who can help you complete the required online notarization for your certificate of title. 

How NotaryLive works in 4 simple steps: 


How NotaryLive Works

To get started, you can click the button below, 

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So why waste time and hassle by visiting a notary in person? 

Try NotaryLive today and see just how easy and convenient it could be to get your Certificate Of Title (or any other forms that you need) notarized online! 



FAQ For Certificate of Title 

  • What states require a title to be notarized? 
    • Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Carolina, Montana, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Arizona but It's best to reach out to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before you sign anything. They can provide you with the specific regulations for your state and let you know if notarizing the title is a legal necessity. 
  • What state requires both the buyer and seller to sign? 
    • Ohio
  • Can you notarize a title without the buyer present? 
    • Yes. You can get a remote online notary for a notarization process if the buyer is not present. 



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