Ron To The Rescue Volume 1: Worldwide Friends


By Tiffany V.

Published on 09/06/2022

The Struggles of Worldwide Friends 

Ron To The Rescue: Worldwide Friends
Ron To The Rescue: Worldwide Friends

Aw, man. . . That feeling when you need a document notarized for your company, but your friend lives across the country.  The struggles, am I right? 

You’re so close but those 3000 miles don’t help. You just want to get your business up and running! Not to mention, your life is like rushing traffic, so you simply don't have time to travel in general. 

Ron: But, blogpost-writer, they can just use NotaryLive! It’s easy and takes minutes to notarize your documents online. 

Oh! Ron, thank you for reminding me! These two buddies can simply access a simple, remote notarization process using their preferred device with NotaryLive. 

Ron: Heck yeah! Just look at how I assisted these two pals. They were struggling to notarize a document for their brand-new company, with hopes dwindling by the day. Now they’re content and living life– pursuing their dreams without the initial strain of having to go travel to sign together in person. I hear that their business is booming, too! 

That’s wonderful Ron. Thank you so much for helping these two out. I’m sure with remote notarization, it was a breeze!

One last thing Ron. . .In case another one of our readers needs assistance, would you mind sharing those instructions for the remote notarization process?

Ron: Well, of course! It's incredibly easy. *Ron takes a look at the reader* All it takes are 4 easy steps, and then you’re all set! 

How To Notarize Online 

  1. Upload your Document. To begin notarizing, your document should be in high-quality PDF form. If your document isn’t a PDF, you’ll have to convert the file before you can upload it.
  2. Verify your Identity. Just as you would when notarizing in person, you’ll need to confirm your identity before your document can be notarized. Be sure to have an ID on-hand!
  3. Connect with a licensed notary, live via webcam. After you verify your identity, you’ll be connected with a notary through a secure two-way video call, where you'll complete and notarize the document electronically.
  4. Download your Notarized Document. Once the notarization is complete, you’ll be able to download the finished document and print and/or send it wherever it needs to go!

Ron: I hope that helps! Now, go ahead and try NotaryLive for yourself! Go get started! 

Thanks, Ron, you’re a notarization hero.


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