Remote Online Notarization: Is it easier than using the bank?


By NotaryLive Staff

Published on 07/20/2021


  • More convenient 24/7 access instead of limited banking hours
  • Faster process that takes just minutes instead of waiting in long lines
  • Enhanced security measures like ID verification questions and recorded sessions


When many people think about getting a document notarized, they might expect to set up an appointment and drive to the bank. That often means they will be taking time out of the prime of their day during typical banking hours, waiting in line, and possibly even waiting in traffic. This experience often leaves people wondering: “Is there a better way to get a document notarized?" With Remote Online Notarization (RON), there is! 

Unlike traditional notarization, which is performed in person, online notarization is conducted via webcam. This means that rather than having to meet a Notary in person at the same physical location, the entire notarization can be handled from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. Not only is this solution much quicker and more convenient, but it’s also more secure.


The days of searching nearby notaries with availability are quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

When notarizing documents at a bank, you have to notarize on their schedule, meaning 9 am-4 pm in many cases with limited weekend hours. You will likely even have to call ahead or make an appointment to make sure that a notary public is available at the time you intend to have your document notarized. Between the long lines and a potentially limited number of notaries on staff, timeliness is no guarantee when notarizing your document at a bank, especially if traffic plays a role.

With a Remote Online Notarization, we’ll notarize documents on your schedule thanks to our 24/7 service. Whether you’d like to use the early morning hours to get a head start, or if you’re on a tight deadline after regular working hours, we’re here to help. Our staff of trained online notaries will be ready to notarize your document right away from the comfort of your own home. 

As long as RON is available in your state, all you have to do is complete these simple steps:

  1. Upload Your Document
  2. Verify Your Identity
  3. Connect with Your Live Online Notary
  4. Download/Print Your Document

To get started, you can click the button below.

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The process is very simple, but if you would like more info about what remote online notarization is and how it works, check out this blog!


Not only is remote online notarization more convenient than notarizing documents through the bank, but it’s also more secure. 

The most important job of a notary is to verify the identity of each signer before moving forward with the notarization. While traditional notaries do a fairly adequate job of this, there is still room for error. However, NotaryLive and the online notarization space have taken identity confirmation to another level. 

Here at NotaryLive, you must go through our state-of-the-art ID verification process, which starts by taking a selfie of yourself, as well as photos of the front and back of your I.D. Once your I.D. has been approved, you will be directed to answer 5 Knowledge-Based Assessment (KBA) questions, which you will need to answer 4 out of 5 questions correctly to connect with your live notary. Once you connect with your notary live via webcam, they will then use the I.D. on file and match it with the signee they are seeing on screen. 

There is also an added layer of security when using NotaryLive as all notary sessions are recorded and stored in our databases in the case of a dispute where the transaction must be verified.

If you’re looking for a fast and secure notarization solution that beats the bank, Remote Online Notarization is the answer for you. Get started notarizing your document online today with

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