How Do You Use Verifiers When Using NotaryLive?


By Tiffany V.

Published on 10/24/2023


  • The importance of notarizing documents in legal and administrative processes
  • How NotaryLive offers an alternative identity verification method through a verifier
  • Requirements and steps for using a verifier for online notarization, especially helpful for those outside the US or lacking proper identification


Notarizing documents is an important part of various legal and administrative processes.

Traditionally, this involved physically visiting a notary public and presenting your identification in person.

Presenting your identification and verifying who you are traditionally and online are very important when notarizing a document to prevent fraud and ensure validity.

You're probably wondering -- what if I don't have an ID or United States-based public data? NotaryLive eases your stress with another simple solution: a verifier.

What Is A Verifier?

When notarizing documents online, having US identification or sufficient publicly available data in US records is a requirement.

NotaryLive provides an alternative solution for identity verification through the use of a verifier from the US.

A verifier is an individual who can vouch for your identity and validate the accuracy of your information.

To fulfill this role effectively, they should be someone you trust and who possesses access to the necessary US-based data required for the verification process. The verifier must also be in the same location as the client.

Requirements For A Verifier

In order to reach the verifier option within the session, once you reach the Identification step in the notarization process, mark the order form as “NO” to having identification so the verifier option can appear.

The verifier would have to do the following before you both connect to an online notary:

  • Be in the same location as the client during the session.
  • Upload images of their identification
  • Answer KBA questions verifying their identity (5 Knowledge-Based Assessment (KBA) questions, which they will need to answer 4 out of 5 questions correctly to connect with the live notary. They will have 2 minutes to answer the questions. This step and the previous step are legally required and improve the security of our process. Read more about what makes NotaryLive so secure.

In this case, they will verify their identity in place of you.

This option is particularly efficient for individuals outside the US or those who don't have proper identification.

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NotaryLive recognizes the struggles that notarization can bring in your notarization workflow.

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How NotaryLive Works 

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