NotaryLive Announces Partnership With ProcureNow


By NotaryLive Staff

Published on 02/03/2021

NotaryLive Enters Strategic Partnership with ProcureNow to Further Expedite the Government Bidding Processes

NotaryLive is a new and innovative online notarization platform and can reduce the time of completing a contract notarization for ProcureNow from days to minutes. 

NotaryLive and ProcureNow have entered into a strategic partnership that will aim to simplify the government procurement processes for local government and vendors even further than before. ProcureNow already makes it easier for local companies to read, understand, and respond to business opportunities electronically through their E-Procurement Portal. Connecting with NotaryLive’s state of the art online notarization platform, ProcureNow will seamlessly be able to get all of their government contracts signed and notarized within minutes, instead of having to wait potentially days for finalization. Especially with COVID-19, online notarizations will make the process safer and more efficient for local governments and vendors to secure business opportunities. With this partnership, NotaryLive and ProcureNow look to revolutionize the government bidding process. 

Thao Hill, Chief Customer Officer at ProcureNow, conveys just how important notarized documents are to the government bidding process, and how the integration with NotaryLive enables the full online experience. Hill says, “Business Certifications, Non-Collusion and other Affidavits, Bid Bonds, and many other documents have to be notarized as part of the government bidding process. The move from paper-based government bidding to a more convenient and efficient online bidding process is becoming more popular with local agencies across the country. Though, there always remained that one part of the process that still required pieces of paper to be printed, filled out, and then driven to a notary to notarize – breaking the seamless online experience – until now! With the ProcureNow / NotaryLive partnership and integration, you now have a combined platform that intuitively guides you through every bid response in a quick and convenient way!” 

NotaryLive CEO, Joshua Stankard, is also extremely excited about this partnership, and states, “NotaryLive and ProcureNow share the fundamental principle of providing our users with a simple and efficient experience in an otherwise complicated process. Our partnership moves ProcureNow to a fully online experience, while further diversifying NotaryLive's rapidly-growing network of highly-valued and talented professionals.” 

About NotaryLive: A new and innovative online notarization platform, NotaryLive is aimed to revolutionize the way your important documents are notarized. NotaryLive’s mission is to be able to provide everyone with the ability to notarize their documents from anywhere in the world with ease. Our priority is to provide unparalleled convenience and security, while creating the best online notary platform. At NotaryLive we believe that things don’t need to be complicated, so we’ve simplified the process.

About ProcureNow: Previously Govlist, ProcureNow is an intuitive government procurement solution that helps local governments and vendors make intelligent decisions, move faster, and simplify the procurement process.


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